Christmas Symbols


The poinsettia is the subject of Mexican folklore. The story is told of two poor children who were not able to buy anything during the Christmas period. Maria and her younger brother Pablo wanted very much to contribute gifts to the baby Jesus during the annual Christmas festival. The festival was and still is a Mexican tradition that came complete with parades and parties that were strongly linked to the church and the story of the Nativity. A play would be performed in the middle of the town square where children from all over would come and view the wondrous spectacle.

Maria and Pablo were despondent because of their unsatisfied desire to buy the baby Jesus a gift to show their adoration. On their way to church during the celebrations they both decided to walk the long way to perhaps find a nice blooming flower to give to the baby Jesus. They were not lucky enough to find any flowers and so picked a few weeds to present as a gift to the Christ child. They were teased and scorned by the other children who had brought their lavish gifts, however with pride they approached the altar with the makeshift manger and symbolic baby Jesus and began spreading the flowers all about it.

In what can only be described as a miracle the weeds began to change into beautiful star like flowers and stood out completely from all the other gifts that were presented that day. These flowers would then become a part of the regular Christmas tradition from that point onwards.