Christmas Symbols

Christmas Presents

The idea of gift giving at Christmas has its ties to the past, but is now more closely related to Christianity. The sacrifice that Christ made is central to the reasoning behind gift giving at Christmas. Christ was said to make the ultimate sacrifice for the world by allowing himself to be crucified to spare us from eternal damnation and sin. This in turn has been widely accepted as the single most self-sacrificing show of love and is therefore emulated through the customary tradition of giving gifts. This gift giving is focused more on the desire to make a small sacrifice for someone you love, without the expectation that the favour must be returned. This is considered laudable and the basic motivator of Christian gift giving.

For non-religious individuals, giving a gift may also have the significance of being thoughtful when it is done, especially at Christmas time. In many ways a gift is a celebration of brotherly and sisterly love and overall good will to humankind.

In general gifts will be purchased in a store or made by one's own hands. However, regardless of how it is acquired what makes it more special during the Christmas period is the wrapping paper and bow. The wrapping paper will usually have the picture of something related to Christmas like: drawings of Santa, snowmen, snowflakes, bows, candy canes and other items. This flashy display is then topped off nicely with a beautiful bow that may be stuck to the top with adhesive or wrapped around the present based on the pattern of the ribbon. The decorative touch to the gift is not so much essential as it is practical. These gifts are placed under the Christmas tree which is in and of itself a thing of beauty. Subsequently a well wrapped gift will complement any Christmas tree nicely.